Envy Printer Setup For Smartphones

Wireless printing technology has the ability to bring your desired content from your device with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Smartphones offer significant mobility avoiding constant affinity of the user to the computer.Printing from the Smartphone requires a printer that enables printing from a phone.

The networked wireless Printer allows you to print from anywhere.Connect the Smartphone using the printer’s setup options, set it to Wi-Fi mode and wait for it to search for the network.

Once found in the setup menu, highlight the network name and enter the required login credentials.With the connection, you can print wirelessly by selecting your HP network printer from the print command.

If you have an android smartphone, you can print from most of your applications to the wireless HP Printer.

  • Turn your printer on and connect it to a wireless network
  • On your smartphone android device go to ‘Settings’ and open ‘Wi-Fi Settings’
  • Note: You must be connected to the same wireless network as is your HP Printer

  • On your phone, go to Google Play Store and install the ‘HP Print Service Plugin’
  • Enable the service on your phone by tapping on it and clicking ‘Ok’ – you can do this from either the notification dashboard or from the ‘Print Option’
  • Open the photo or document that you wish to print from your smartphone
  • Tap on the ‘Menu’ icon and from the dropdown select ‘Print’
  • Change any desired print settings if prompted and select your printer’s name
  • Tap on ‘Print’ to print your selected document or photo

For any difficulties get in touch with the 123hpenvy.net back-end team and they will guide you.


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HP Printer Setup For Smartphones

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