Envy Printer Setup For Mac

The architecture of the HP printer setup for MAC is almost similar to that of Windows, except that a Mac driver is needed to complete the setup.

The first time, it is always advisable to read the installation guide to follow the given instructions. Most modern versions of the Mac OS X automatically detect the printer and even install the driver for you.

Alternatively, for any drivers that are not installed automatically, the software installation will do the needful and may even allow you to take advantages of additional features on the printer.

We have all the latest, compatible printer drivers available on our website.

If you are using a Mac OS X 10.9 then HP provides updated versions of the print driver and software through the Apple Software Update. You can use your wired or wireless connection along with the Apple Software Update.

  • Switch on the printer and ensure its ‘ready’ state and that there are no lights blinking anywhere denoting errors or any other messages
  • Connect the printer to the wired or wireless connection
  • Note: Connecting to a network could be unique to each system configuration

  • Click on the Ápple’ Menu on your computer’s main screen and go to ‘System Preferences’
  • You will find ‘Printers & Scanners’ under the ‘Hardware’ section, click on it
  • Click on the Plus ‘+’ sign is available under the ‘Printers & Scanners’ window and then click on ‘Add Printer or Scanner’
  • Select the name of your HP Printer name from the list
  • Note: You must choose the printer with ‘Bonjour’or ‘Bonjour Multifunction Type’ against it because these are the two connection types present on the Mac for a network-connected printer

  • To use the driver select the name of your printer under ‘Use’ and then click on ‘Add’
  • The Mac computer will retrieve the latest software
  • If a message is displayed that some parts of the software are missing and if you wish to install it – then click on ‘Download & Install’
  • Go to the main screen of your Mac and click on the ‘Apple’ menu and select ‘Software Update’ to automatically check for updates
  • In the same screen, you can click on ‘Update’
  • Note: You can achieve good printer performance and functionality if you update all of the required apps.

    You may have to restart your computer to check if your printer is in the list of available printers. The printer is now ready for regular use.


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