Envy Printer Paper Jam Error

  • Printers are life savers! For everyone who just has to turn in their project tomorrow and it’s already 3 AM, printers are real life savers! But then, what is your buzz killer you ask? A paper jam! We all know people who elbow drop their printers because there is a piece a paper jammed inside! Oh, the poor printer!
  • It’s the most common, yet the most annoying issue a person could ever experience having a printer! That too something as sophisticated as a HP envy printer!
  • There are a reason why there are frequent paper jams and then there are way how to control those or solve those! Before anything else, when you feed a paper into the printer, please make it’s aligned right. And also make sure that the trays are cleaned once in a while!
  • First things first, not every time there is a warning there necessarily is a paper jam! One our of few warnings maybe completely generic and simply a caution. But, most of the warning are due to an actual paper jam too! It’s always good to keep a open mind that to start smacking the tray out of your printer as soon as it gives out a warning!
  • If at all it is an actual paper jam, an LED goes off along with the beep sound. It is pretty simple to clear a paper jam, and most certainly it can be done without any violence towards the printer itself!
  • The panel of the printer shows where the actual jam is, and there are instructions on how to remove the paper from each part of the printer in the printer itself!
  • Having said all this, it is pretty confusing with all the trays and alignments and paper measures! So simply call us, and well guide you through the entire process so you and your printer are both saved! You, from deadlines, your printer from all the head smack!
  • Happy printing!


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