Envy Printer Paper Feed Problem

  • How many you had to waste a few bunch of papers because your printer kept picking up multiple papers? No matter how perfectly you aligned the papers, it still goes berserk? Well, that’s probably because of wear and tear! Especially in the feeder portion of your printer.
  • First things first, the feeder is something that pulls the paper out of the tray and send into the machine. And those little wheels of rubber can go through a lot of wear and tear as said earlier, losing it’s grip and the accuracy of picking on a single sheet of paper!
  • But then this issue of the feeder picking up multiple sheets of paper is not always due to the wear and tear; sometimes it happens because the tray’s backstop is a little off the mark. Now we know there are a lot of technical words thrown in this passage, but just don’t worry!
  • When you feed a paper into the printer, please make it’s aligned right. And also make sure that the trays are cleaned once in a while! Because taking care of the printer is as important as working with it!
  • A few other things that can help is fixing the sensor timings, and the speed at which the feeder takes the papers in. Cleaning the rollers once in a while can be handy too!
  • Now if at all any of this wasn’t as clear as we meant it to be, or if you have done all this and still your papers go up the printer in numbers, please understand that we need to get an insight of the machinery! So, call us at our toll free number for any help.


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