Envy Printer Ink Cartridge Jam

  • We all know, or have experience on of these two common errors in any printer model, even in the most advanced ones like HP Envy. One – The ever vicious paper jams, the other – The after math of the paper jams, the Ink Cartridge malfunction!
  • We’ve explained as much as possible about paper jams and how to clear them and how to prevent them in “Spooler Error Due To Paper Jam” tab on our website. Please check it out, and in case you have a doubt, ring us or mail us!
  • The next thing to clear out of the path is the cartridge malfunction! The printer usually throws a tantrum and shows you a notification saying that there‘s been a jam in the cartridge area.
  • One of the main reasons there are stalls in the area is as said earlier, is the paper jams. So in case you wonder what’s the way to prevent a Cartridge jam, reducing the paper jams will in turn reduce cartridge jams!
  • Luckily, the unit has a self test, that lets you know when there is an issue and all you have to do is that clear the paper path and make sure that there is enough ink in the cartridges!
  • The other big precaution to be taken to avoid a jam is to handle the piece of machine with the care it deserves! Do not interrupt, obstruct, disconnect while it’s printing! That leads to a disaster! So, don’t open the cartridge door when the printer is currently on a task!
  • To clear out the jam, all you have to do it, open up the access door, latch one of the cartridges, and slide it out of the cage and close it back in. Now do the same process again, for the second cartridge! Now, you’re printer is all set!
  • Happy Printing!!!


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