Envy Printer ePrint Setup

The ePrint Setup allows the printer to print documents attached to an email message, which is sent to the device.

The e-print capable HP printer is registered with an ePrint cloud service that assigns a unique email address to the printer.

The distinct email address ensures security to the user. The HP ePrint Setup does not require any driver installation.

ePrint can be accomplished from any email-capable client such as a computer, smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. Registered users can manage their ePrint accounts through the HP ePrint Center. The email address is customizable through the Web Services Settings menu and Print Info Page to obtain information containing printer codes and settings.

To setup your printer to use the free ePrint service:

  • Your printer must be turned on and connected to the internet – you can either use a wired or a wireless network connection
    • Perform a firmware update before using the ePrint to your printer from your computer to ensure that the printer uses the latest functionalities:
    • The printer should be setup and available on the computer from where you are going to update the printer’s firmware
    • Printout a self-test page to check if the printer has the latest firmware
    • Go to the relevant website or the manufacturer’s website to see if another updated version of the firmware is available
    • If an updated version is available go ahead and download it on to your computer and install the file
  • You have to enable Web Services, which allows the usage of ePrint on your HP Envy printer:
    • The self-test page printed earlier also contains the IP address of the printer
    • Open a web browser and type the printer’s IP address and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard
    • The address will direct you to the Printer’s EWS
    • Here, click on the ‘HP Web Services’ tab
    • Next, in the ‘Settings’ screen click on ‘Enable’
    • Once Web Services has been enabled an information sheet is printed – this will help you register for the ePrint service
  • Registering at the HP ePrint Center
    • Go to a web browser and typewww.hpeprintcenter.com and press ‘Enter’
    • Click on ‘Sign In’
    • You will be redirected to the ‘Sign In to ePrintCenter’ page
    • Click on ‘Create an account’ to go to ‘Create an HP Web Services account’ page
    • Enter all your information in the text fields provided and click on ‘Create Account >>’
    • Now, from the information page that got printed earlier, key in the printer code at the ‘Enter Printer Code:’ field in the ‘Add a Printer to your Account’ screen
    • Click on ‘Ok’ and a screen appears confirming the addition of your printer
    • Press ‘Next’ to enter a customized email address for your HP Envy printer and then click on ‘Save
    • In the ‘HP ePrint Settings’ page, you can customize your ePrint options according to ‘Allowed Senders’, ‘Print Options’, ‘Print Services’ and press on ‘Save’
    • You will go a page where you can manage your ePrint settings, print jobs and print apps
    • Your printer is now setup for ePrint


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