Envy Wireless Printer Setup

  • Remember when printers were goofy big boxed that had to be kept in one corner of the room and HAD to be connected to every node computer it had to take a print out from? The struggle is real, wasn’t it? But with technology trying to best itself every minute, today we have printers that are the size of your toaster! And the best part, they don’t even have a wire!
  • Wireless printers are so comfortable to work that more than half the people that used to use wired printers have sought out to use wireless printers in the recent years! Not only is it easy to shift places, but is also easy to share files to it! Simply tap into the same WiFi or the LAN and you have yourself a printer connected to your device!
  • HP Envy printers must have a very easily understandable, user friendly setup. It should be as simple as finding your network connection, or choosing a network connection to which you want the device to be connected to and then following the instruction given, verbatim!
  • This is, for the automatic setup. For manual setup of course there is one tiny bit of addition to the process of installation. After making sure that both your computer and the envy printer are connected the same network, set the devices IP address and also make sure that you remove the device from the computers firewall setting!
  • There maybe a few places where figuring out things like how to put both of the devices are connected to the same network or firewall deactivation or even figuring out how to key in the IP address can be a bit over the head and overwhelming!
  • So call us or mail us, and we’ll help you solve the issues better!


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